Laura and Matt are a Seattle-based husband and wife photography team


 Cliche meeting at local art school while studying same medium? Yup. Doofy guy lucks out and marries the girl of his dreams. Guy and girl decide that capturing weddings is actually, a ridiculously awesome gig. Getting to spend the most important day of your life, capturing the most emotional, fun, exciting memories couldn't be more of an honor. 

 Laura and Matt have been shooting weddings for the past few years, and have been in commercial photography for 8 years. With studio backgrounds, they have a remarkable understanding of lighting, composition, and establishing a connection with people. With Matt, with one group of the wedding party and Laura, the other, they are able to offer as much coverage as you would like of all facets of your wedding. They are with you every step of the way and shepherd you through the inevitable whirlwind of things going on around you. But the most important thing they offer is bringing you back to the moments that are taking place around you, the moments they capture.